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Phoenix Investment

Company Phoenix Investment is the epitome of the efficiency of mining the Air and of successful transactions on the cryptocurrency exchanges. To achieve these advances have been primarily due to the fact that our employees are outstanding programmers, stock traders and economists. We gathered his team around the world, bringing together a team of every new human idea of promoting technology, Ethereum and motivating the entire staff new and, in fact, limitless opportunities for professional growth in our company.

Our achievements

All our achievements have been possible thanks to the right strategy of investments in ASIC-systems as well as thanks to the proper use of personnel potential of our team. Officially registered activities and highly intelligent members of the community team have built the Foundation of our progress and prosperity.
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7.8 % weekly 8.2 % weekly 9 % weekly 10 % weekly
Profit for the week (): 390
Profit for the 25 weeks (): 9750
Profit for the week (): 20508.2
Profit for the 25 weeks (): 512705
Profit for the week (): 72009
Profit for the 25 weeks (): 1800225
Profit for the week (): 200010
Profit for the 25 weeks (): 5000250