Why Phoenix Investment?

Cryptocurrency in the modern world are not only a payment tools to move forward the world economy. Cryptocurrencies can change the economic relationship between the parties, by making a revolutionary change in the transactions. For this purpose «smart contracts», which are electronic algorithms, which describe a set of conditions which leads to certain events in the real world or in digital systems. A feature and advantage of such smart contracts is the use for transactions decentralized systems to prevent interference in the outcome of any transaction person. And since crypto-currencies are based on decentralized systems, the use of these payment tools is the perfect way of making smart contracts. A world leader in the smart conclusion of contracts is a cryptocurrency Ethereum (Ethereum). Suffice it to say that the capitalization transactions over the last year Ethereum reached one billion U.S. dollars. The Ethereum is an open platform and therefore is of particular interest as the world's commercial structures, and the developers of the various software.

How does mining Phoenix Investment?

Smart contracts are represented as classes that before sending it to the blockchain are compiled into byte-code for a Virtual Machine Ethereum (VME). Change of state of the VME can be written on a full scripting language « Turing». And it clearly describes that moment, what distinguishes technology from Ethereum Bitcoin. Unlike the scripting language of Bitcoin, Ethereum technology supports cycles called «gas», limiting smart contracts that could take too much time for its execution. The maintenance of a distributed platform technology, Ethereum and the creation of new blocks in order to generate Air (unit Ethereum) today is a very complex technical task that can be successfully performed only by very powerful computational structures. In particular, in order to perform mining of the Ether require extremely powerful and modern ASIC-system available to our company.

Our activities are.

We practice speculative currency trading on cryptocurrency exchanges Ether. This cryptocurrency is the second in the world after Bitcoin's market capitalization and first in the world to implement smart contracts. Therefore, the liquidity of the Ether and profitability gives you the opportunity to earn decent money of our company. In addition to trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, as mentioned above, we conduct mining Ethereum, creating new units in a distributed network and get rewards for the solution of problems in the form of Air. This activity ensures us a stable position of the company in any economic situations and makes cooperation with us really beneficial and safe. Because everyone knows that many of the largest banking and financial corporations in the world for the exchange of information between financial market participants use the program based on the protocols of Ethereum.

Considering all the above, it is easy to understand that technology Ethereum will evolve and dictate on the world economic markets new trends of interaction between financial and economic structures. In addition, the implementation of mining Ether is becoming every day more and more preferred and profitable compared to mining other coins because many of them use PoS (Proof-of-stake)-protocols that do not allow to do mining and can to reduce these decentralized cryptocurrency technologies, but also because the Ethereum more interest the world's largest financial, media and information Corporation, which include, for example, Microsoft, IBM, JPMorgan Chase and Bloomberg.

Our team.

Company Phoenix Investment is the epitome of the efficiency of mining the Air and of successful transactions on the cryptocurrency exchanges. And to achieve these advances have been primarily due to the fact that our employees are distinguished mathematicians, programmers, stock traders and economists. We gathered his team around the world, bringing together a team of every new human idea of promoting technology, Ethereum and motivating the entire staff new and, in fact, limitless possibilities professional growth in our company.

All our achievements have been possible thanks to the right strategy of investments in ASIC-system, and thanks to the proper use of personnel potential of our team.

Officially registered activities and highly intelligent members of the community team have built the Foundation of our progress and prosperity.

Our goal.

British company Phoenix Investment, specializing in the mining of Live and deals on selling it for cryptocurrency exchanges, the strategic goals sees the creation of new, safe conditions of cooperation with investors that invest the buy-in for mining Ether hardware, and sees its strategic position in the extension of the influence of technology on Ethereum all sectors of the economy as a whole. We use our technological and commercial achievements to gain positions kriptomayning and upgrading technology are smart contracts that define the future direction of the company and investors in the next few years.

You may want to consider our proposal for mutual cooperation on the basis of making investments as the most promising startup in the field of cryptocurrency technologies. This cooperation will only grow and bring all parties to a real the benefits for many years, since the technology of the Ethereum – a new and most promising cryptocurrency product in the world today.