I can earn in Your company if I do not enroll in the program?

To start earning, You need to register an account on the official website https://phoenix-inv.pro.

What you need to register an account?

To register your account, follow the link https://phoenix-inv.pro/signup.

How many accounts allowed to create in company?

You can create only one account. If we detect a user violates this rule, all accounts of that user will be suspended, and all money relating to the accounts will be seized in favor of the stabilization Fund of the company.

What is a "Stabilization Fund"?

This part of the profits, which the company reserves for emergency shopping situations. In addition, the Stabilization Fund is formed with the use of the money received by the company for consulting and mediation services.

What makes the company so that I lose my money?

Considering the company's specialization, and the methods of management of investment funds, the probability of losing money is negligible. We use a Stabilization Fund, and special financial mechanisms to strengthen the investment position of the company.

What makes the company so I had to use the website program?

Official website https://phoenix-inv.pro has all the means to prevent loss of personal data of any user, and has the means to counter DDoS attacks malware and viruses any etymology.

How reliable is the company's business?

We use our technological and commercial achievements to strengthen his position in the kriptomayning and to improve technology smart contracts that define the future direction of the company and investors in the next few years .

What the company is doing with respect to the confidentiality of the personal data provided ?

We collect your personal information solely for use in cooperation with investors. Under no circumstances will these personal data will not be disclosed to third parties.

What is the specialization of the company?

We practice speculative currency trading on cryptocurrency exchanges Ether.
In addition to trading on cryptocurrency exchanges we conduct mining Ethereum, creating new units in a distributed network and get rewards for solving problems in the form of Air.

Where can I find information about the company?

Registration documents confirming the legality of the activities, and detail You can learn by reading the sections «Company» and «Contacts».

What payment methods can I use to invest?

The program supports the investment process by using the following payment systems : PerfectMoney, AdvCash, BitCoin, Ethereum.
Phoenix Investment can expand this list in the case of commercial necessary.

I don't have accounts on payment systems, which supported the process of investing in the company. What do I do ?

You can easily create accounts in all payment systems listed above, if you use the following link : https://perfectmoney.is, https://advcash.com, https://block.io, , https://www.myetherwallet.com/
It does not take much of Your time.

What you need to get started in the company, except the account creation?

After registration You can start earning by investing money in the company. To start investing, you need to make a Deposit, using our investment proposals.

Where can I learn about investment proposals of the company?

To learn about our investment proposals, follow the link https://phoenix-inv.pro/investments.

After I make a Deposit, when will I be able to make a profit?

You can start to profit one week after creating a Deposit.

Where can I find information about the profitability of the investment proposals of the company ?

The company provides guaranteed minimum 31.6% of the funds invested during 30 calendar days. To find out more about the profitability of our investment offerings, please use the investment calculator section «Investment».

What are the main features of investing?

The minimum You can invest 50.00 USD
All transactions are executed in USD at the current rate ;
The maximum You can invest 1000000.00 USD
The body of the Deposit in equal instalments included in the daily charges.

What are the main features of withdrawal?

The minimum You can withdraw 10.00 USD ;
You can only withdraw funds to the payment system that You used when investing in this Deposit.

What the company offers in relation to the motivation of attracting new investors?

To encourage and motivate investors in terms of attracting new participants to the program, we have provided our investors with an Affiliate program, which provides certain cash awards for the activity in the process of invitation new members.

How much can I earn using Affiliate program?

You can use possibilities of the Affiliate program earning is unlimited. Because only Your activity will depend on the value of Your earnings. Read more about terms of use Affiliate program, You can read by clicking on the link https://phoenix-inv.pro/partnership.

What are the main features of use Affiliate program?

You can get affiliate Commission without having your own Deposit in the program ;
To be able to use the benefits of the Affiliate program, You have to create an account in our system ;
You can use the advertising materials and your own affiliate link to invite new members ;
Affiliate Commission for referral Deposit can withdraw only to the payment system you used Your referral, making this Deposit.

I don't know where to find promotional materials. What to do?

To use all advertising materials, log in to your account and navigate to «Ref. system».

How can I contact the support of the program?

To clear up any misunderstanding, and also to avoid the occurrence of undesirable situations, You can always contact our support and clarify any issue that interests You.
To write to us, follow the link https://phoenix-inv.pro/support.